Home Heating Tips for Winter

Written on: February 14, 2022

Stay comfortable while keeping your heating costs under control

winter heating tips maineBetween inflation and rising energy costs, our wallets have been feeling the pinch.

Fortunately, there are ways you can keep your home heating costs down while keeping your home warm and comfortable even when a Central Maine winter does its worst.

Do some DIY projects

Drafts around doors, windows and through walls are more than uncomfortable. They also cause heat loss that can be the equivalent of leaving a window open 24/7. Having to compensate for that heat loss could raise your heating costs by as much as 20%.

Fortunately, there are a few easy home improvement projects you can do to significantly decrease drafts and lower heating costs as well. Here are some ideas.

  • add weatherstripping and caulk around doors and windows
  • caulk and seal up air leaks that come from plumbing, wiring, and ductwork coming into a room through walls and floors
  • install foam gaskets behind switch plates and outlet covers
  • add door sweeps

Use the sun

Take advantage of solar heating. Keep the drapes and windows open during the day to allow light in, then close them at night to retain the heat. Because your heating system will not have to be switched on as often, you will use less energy.

If you have a furnace, check around the house to see if furniture, drapes, and other objects might be blocking the vents and preventing the heated air from circulating freely.

Take care of your heating system

If your home’s furnace or boiler has not yet had its annual maintenance tune-up, it’s time to stop procrastinating and contact AFC to schedule it.

A boiler or furnace tune-up helps keep your heating system in top form. It will require the minimum amount of energy possible to keep your home heated. A poorly maintained heating system is less efficient, so heating costs will be higher. Maintenance allows our licensed and experienced service technicians to discover and fix problems before they lead to breakdowns and costly repairs. A tune-up is included in our affordable Comfort Plans.

For those with furnaces, make sure to check your air filter at least once a month and change as needed.

Put your thermostat to work

These days, thanks to programmable and smart thermostats, it’s simple to save money on your heating bill while still keeping your house warm and cozy. You can save up to 10% on your heating expenses by programming your thermostat to optimize efficiency!

Here’s what the U.S. Department of Energy recommends:

  • When you’re home and awake, set the thermostat for 68°F
  • Lower temperatures by 10° for the hours you’re asleep or away from home

If you don’t have a programmable or smart thermostat, they’re a great investment in lowering your heating costs. Some smart thermostats even let you know if your heating system needs service.

Whether you need dependable fuel delivery or expert equipment installation or service, AFC has your home heating needs covered. Become an AFC customer.