Watch For These Signs of Water Heater Trouble

Written on: December 6, 2021

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water heater repair maineMost of the time, your water heater goes unnoticed as it silently works in the background providing you with hot water. But checking on it occasionally may help you prevent a breakdown or a water heater failure.

A water heater tank failure leaves your home without hot water, and potentially leaves you with a big cleanup bill on top of having to get a new water heater fast.

You can trust AFC’s team of licensed, skilled service technicians and plumbers to expertly install, maintain, and repair your home’s water heater. All of our work is backed by our Comfort Guarantee.

There are several signs that it’s time to replace your water heater, even if you’re not ready to retire it. Keep an eye out for these indications so you don’t have a surprise when your water heater fails.

Water Heater Warning Signs

Rusty water

If you use hot water and notice rusty water coming from your tap, there’s a good chance it’s originating from the water heater tank. That might be a sign of an impending leak or a water heater failure. Contact us right away so we can examine the issue and get started on a replacement.

Wet floor around the water heater

Leaks in your water heater aren’t always immediately apparent. Even tiny pinhole leaks might lead to a little puddle or damp floor around your water heater with time. If the floor surrounding your water heater is wet, please contact us right away so that it may look at it and diagnose the issue.

Odd noises

When the water in your water heater tank is heated, any strange or unusual noises produced by your water heater are most likely caused by sediment that has built up and hardened in the bottom of your water heater tank. This could be an indicator that your water heater may be failing and needs to be replaced very soon.

Higher energy costs

Heating water accounts for roughly 20% of a home’s energy consumption. It’s possible that an old, failing water heater is the reason for any unanticipated and inexplicable increase in your energy expenses. A new water heater begins returning on your investment from the day it’s installed thanks to superior energy efficiency. A tankless water heater can cut your water heating energy costs by one-third or more!

AFC can help you upgrade to a high-efficiency water heater that will increase your comfort while decreasing your energy costs. Contact us today to learn more.