Is It Time to Repair or Replace That Thermostat?

Written on: July 18, 2022

A new thermostat can help with both comfort and energy efficiency

thermostat repair maineIf your home’s thermostat is not working properly, it might be costing you a significant amount of money in heating and cooling expenses. With energy costs what they are now, you need to make sure your thermostat is working up to par.

Fortunately, AFC is here to help with our team of licensed, skilled, and experienced electricians. We can fix or replace your home’s thermostat, so your heating and/or cooling systems operate at their best efficiency.

The below problems are an indicator that your home’s thermostat needs to be repaired or replaced.

The thermostat has no power or if it doesn’t respond to adjustments: If your thermostat’s screen is blank, even though you’re setting a temperature or there’s no change in temperature after you adjust it, the batteries may be dead. If replacing the batteries doesn’t work, contact AFC to request a service call. Likewise, if you have an old mercury-based thermostat and it is not responding after being adjusted, give AFC a call.

Your HVAC system runs constantly even when the set temperature is reached: It’s possible that this is the result of frayed or faulty wiring, or your thermostat being out of calibration. Because this issue involves electricity, we recommend having one of our electricians check it out.

Rapid cycling in your HVAC system: Is your HVAC system cycling on and off frequently, with it not reaching the desired temperature or turning on even when it is at that temperature? It’s possible that the thermostat is to blame. Contact us to investigate the problem.

The HVAC cycles on at the wrong temperature: If you’ve set your cooling system to, say, 72˚F, and your furnace is cycling on at 78˚, the problem likely lies in the thermostat. It’s usually a sign that the thermostat sensor has failed or has been incorrectly adjusted. If the difference between the intended temperature and the actual turning-on temperature of your cooling system is more than 5°, you’ll almost certainly need to replace your thermostat.

A new thermostat offers better comfort and more

This is an outstanding time to replace your thermostat, especially if you still have an old-fashioned mercury thermostat or a programmable thermostat that isn’t working correctly.

With today’s sophisticated thermostats, you’ll get ease, convenience, and energy savings!

Programmable thermostats allow you greater control over your HVAC system. You can program them to run less frequently when you’re not at home to save money on power and extend the life of your heating and air conditioning system.

Smart thermostats allow you to have even more control over your heating and cooling system while also lowering your energy costs. They may be controlled with your smartphone, so you can access and adjust your thermostat settings even while on vacation if you have access to a cellular or WiFi network. There are no more worries about forgetting to adjust the HVAC system. Another benefit is that you can program your smart thermostat to have the house at your desired temperature when you arrive home.

A smart thermostat also keeps an eye on your heating and cooling system. It can notify you when it’s time to change your air filter, when maintenance is required, if something is wrong, and if you need a service call, as well as how much energy your system consumes so you can fine-tune your settings if necessary.

A properly used programmable or smart thermostat can cut your heating and cooling costs by 10%!

Whether you need a new thermostat installed or other electrical services in your Central Maine home, you can trust AFC’s team of licensed master electricians. Get in touch with us and we’re here for you.