You Don’t Need Ductwork To Stay Cool

Written on: May 2, 2022

Heat Pumps Offer Comfort & Energy Efficiency

home cooling options maineYou may have thought that there are only two options when it comes to keeping cool in the summer: Central air or portable window A/C units.

The first option would involve installing ductwork for central air conditioning, which can be potentially expensive. Between drafting the layout of the ductwork system, the demo work involved, and the installation of the ductwork and vents, you could end up spending more than $5,000 for just the ductwork. Add to that the cost of installing the central air conditioning system.

The second option would be to use window A/C units. They aren’t a great option for many reasons. They’re inefficient energy hogs that can send your electricity bills into the stratosphere. They’re unattractive, loud, block light and they’re a security risk. Plus, they let in dust, dirt, pollen, and bugs. You have to install them in the spring and take them back out in the fall, a hassle at best and hazardous at worst.

A better solution for cooling a ductless home would be heat pumps, which, when it comes to air conditioning, are also called ductless mini-splits. AFC provides expert installation, maintenance, and repair of heat pumps, and feature many Mitsubishi models to fit your budget.

Heat Pumps Make Keeping Cool Easy

You can have cool comfort all over your home with heat pumps.

Not only are heat pumps more efficient than window units when it comes to cooling, but since you can zone your home’s cooling with multiple heat pumps, you’ll be using less energy in this way as well. Large rooms where a window unit would be ineffective will be cool and comfortable.

Heat pumps are a permanent installation, so you don’t have to deal with putting them in before summer then taking them out before winter. Your view isn’t blocked, and all your windows can be safely locked.
As an added bonus, Heat pumps can also help you in the winter, providing supplemental heating to underheated areas of your home.

Do you have questions about how heat pumps can work for your Central Maine home? Get in touch with us and we’ll answer your questions and give you a FREE estimate.