Air Conditioning Service and Repair in Augusta, Clinton and Winthrop, ME

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air conditioning installation in augusta

We all know it can get hot and humid during the summer months in central Maine, where temperatures can soar well into the 80’s.

Over the years, many people in the area have upgraded from noisy, inefficient window A/C units to central air conditioning in their homes and businesses.

Your neighbors in greater Augusta know that AFC provides not only expert A/C installation, but air conditioning repair and maintenance service as well! Our air conditioning Comfort Plan helps you manage the costs of A/C maintenance and repairs.

With our Comfort Guarantee, all residential equipment service done by licensed AFC technicians will be guaranteed for a period of one year from the date it was performed.

AFC takes good care of your air conditioning system

Installing central air conditioning is a major investment in your home or business. Regular, professional maintenance performed by licensed AFC technicians helps you protect your investment and extend the life of your A/C system.

An annual maintenance tune-up makes sure that all the parts of your air conditioning system are cleaned and in good running order, so it runs as efficiently as possible. This way, the system will use the least amount of energy to keep your home cool, and you’ll save on energy costs. Cooling can make up about half of your summer energy costs, so professional maintenance by AFC can help you save money!

During a tune-up, our service technicians also have the opportunity to carefully inspect your system, which gives them the opportunity to spot problems before they become worse, leading to breakdowns and more expensive repair bills.

AFC’s licensed technicians are trained, experienced and dedicated to prompt, courteous service. You don’t have to be an AFC customer to get your air conditioning repaired.

Contact us to find out more about our commercial and residential air conditioning maintenance and repair services, as well as our air conditioning Comfort Plan!