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Propane Safety Tips

Know how to protect your home and loved ones

propane safety in central maine

Thanks to stringent regulations and high standards in the propane industry, propane has a strong safety track record.

However, you still need to know how to protect yourself if you smell gas, whether it’s in your home or anywhere else that there is gas equipment or appliances.

Taking these steps right away is essential to protecting lives and property:

  • Put out any sources of ignition, like candles or cigarettes.
  • Get out of the house IMMEDIATELY.
  • Do not use any light switches, thermostats, telephones or other appliances until you are safely away from where you smelled gas.
  • Close the gas shutoff valve on the propane tank or cylinder if you can safely access it.
  • Once you are safely away, call 911 and AFC.
  • Give emergency personnel and licensed propane service technicians time to check for escaped propane gas and perform any needed repairs.
  • Do not go back to the area where you smelled gas, or try to turn on the propane supply valve, even if you no longer smell gas.
  • Have a trained propane service technician repair the leak, carefully inspect all gas appliances and relight all pilots.
  • Stay away until you have permission to come back from emergency personnel or the service technician.

Want more propane safety tips? The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has created the informative videos below to tell you all about propane safety!