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Improve Your Outdoor Space With Propane!

Written on: August 18, 2021

Make Your Back Yard a Destination

propane for backyard maineSummer in central Maine is pretty special. There’s so much to do outside, such as days at the beach, boating, hiking, kayaking, cycling, and more.

There’s also the fun and relaxation of hanging out at home on your backyard. You can enjoy that even more with the wide range of outdoor propane appliances that are available.

Elevate Your Grilling

Grilling is the first thing you probably thought of when you thought of your backyard and propane, which is understandable. Propane is a perfect source for grilling because it’s fast, clean-burning, easy to use, and lets the flavors of your food shine rather than get overwhelmed by smoke. Grilling with propane is great for everything from quick weeknight suppers and big weekend cookouts.

Create Spaces To Come Together

Your backyard isn’t just a place for play. It can be an oasis of relaxation, socializing with friends and family, or eating outside on a patio that is heated by propane heaters. With a propane firepit, you have the perfect spot to roast marshmallows and make s’mores with the kids, gather around for drinks with friends, or just relax by yourself after a long day. Propane outdoor fireplaces also create a space to get cozy and comfortable.

Take a Dip in Comfort

A pool and a hot tub are both big investments that add to the enjoyment of your outdoor space. However, sometimes cooler-than-normal springs and chilly early fall weather cut short being able to use them. Propane pool and spa heaters provide warmth so you can use them earlier into the spring and later into fall. In addition to being dramatically more efficient than electric models, propane pool and spa heaters will also warm the water in a fraction of the time.

Don’t Get Bugged

If mosquitoes are a problem in your backyard, a propane mosquito trap can make your outdoor time itch-free. They use heat and moisture to mimic human breath, which lures mosquitoes into the trap, from which they cannot escape.

Several propane appliances, including your grill, can be connected to your home’s propane supply. This eliminates the worry about propane cylinders running out in the middle of a cookout.

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