Propane: The Right Choice for New Construction

Written on: August 8, 2022

Create a dream home with propane!

propane service maineIf you have a residential construction business, you know you need to balance efficiency and cost control to make the homes you build attractive to buyers.

AFC has a great way to do both: Propane! We offer commercial propane services, including bulk delivery, to help your construction project move forward. We also have a team of licensed service technicians, plumbers, and electricians to install propane tanks and appliances so you can offer amenities that are desired by homebuyers.

Our services make managing your project easier as well as give you opportunities to increase your profits.

Building with propane

As you know, Central Maine weather can present challenges in residential construction projects, whether it’s a single home or a development. Propane helps keep your project moving forward even in winter’s chill. How? By powering propane-fueled heating equipment which allows for safe interior work while protecting paint and stucco work. Propane can also be used to power generators that charge equipment like ground thawing equipment and forklifts.

If you build your homes featuring propane appliances for heating, water heating, cooking, and other uses, AFC can install the propane tanks and run the lines to the house. Plus, the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) offers construction companies incentives for using propane appliances in homes they build.

Add amenities homebuyers want

In a competitive real estate market, builders need to offer homebuyers what they’re looking for. Propane helps you do that in a cost-effective way.

Today’s buyers want the benefits that come with gas appliances, such as energy-efficient house and water heating, gas fireplaces that start with the press of a button, and the precise and instant temperature control provided by a gas range or cooktop.

Propane also gives you an opportunity for upselling. For example, you could give buyers the option to upgrade from a conventional storage-tank water heater to a propane tankless water heater that gives endless hot water, on-demand. A propane whole-house backup generator is another great upsell. Outdoors, you can upsell with built-in propane gas grills connected to the home’s propane tank, high-efficient and fast pool and spa heaters, and outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

Partner with AFC to build your residential construction business’s success! Contact us today to get started.