Is Propane Good for The Environment?

Written on: November 13, 2023

Propane helps reduce your home’s environmental impact

propane Clinton, me Over the past five decades, significant strides have been made in safeguarding the environment. Game-changing legislation, including the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act, has emerged, alongside the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency. These milestones have played a pivotal role in preserving our natural resources and helping efforts towards a sustainable future.

These efforts have made significant strides in reducing and mitigating air and water pollution. However, we still face numerous challenges. Our oceans are confronted with a critical issue as they become overwhelmed by an excessive amount of trash. This has resulted in the formation of two colossal garbage islands in the Pacific Ocean, surpassing the size of Texas. Moreover, deforestation, a global concern, has led to devastating consequences, including soil erosion and the depletion of vital trees. These trees play a crucial role in converting carbon dioxide into the life-sustaining oxygen we depend on. The imminent threat of climate change-induced harm continues to escalate, as evidenced by the occurrence of extreme weather events such as severe storms and dangerous heat waves in the United States.

What Can We Do?

Protecting the environment is a responsibility that extends beyond governments and corporations. Each of us has the power to make a difference through the choices we make in our daily lives, no matter how big or small. Simple actions like recycling and composting can have a profound impact on preserving our soil and water. By opting for high-efficiency light bulbs and appliances, we can make our homes more energy efficient. Similarly, installing low-flow toilets and using high-efficiency washing machines and dishwashers can help conserve water. Another way to contribute is by selecting fuel-efficient vehicles. Together, we can create a sustainable future for generations to come.

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Propane presents numerous environmental advantages. One notable benefit is its status as a domestically produced fuel, with over 90% of our propane supply manufactured right here in the United States. This not only bolsters our economy but also guarantees a dependable and sustainable energy source for our nation.

Let’s explore the other environmental benefits of propane for your home.

Propane: Protection for the air, soil, and water

Propane, in contrast to natural gas, is recognized as an alternative fuel in both the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy. This distinction stems from the absence of greenhouse gases in propane. Unlike natural gas, which contains methane, a greenhouse gas, propane is methane-free.

The generation of electricity heavily depends on the burning of coal or natural gas, which leads to the release of greenhouse gases. In fact, electricity generation ranks as the second-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., surpassed only by transportation.

Unlike gasoline derived from crude oil, propane offers a secure alternative that eliminates the risk of spills, pooling, or residue in the unlikely event of a leak. It simply dissipates into the air without leaving a trace. Moreover, propane is non-toxic and has no adverse impact on water, soil, air, aquatic life, or plant life. With its impeccable safety record and minimal environmental footprint, propane stands as the superior choice.

Get superior energy efficiency with propane

Reducing energy consumption is crucial for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and propane provides a viable solution. Propane appliances consume less energy compared to their electric counterparts, resulting in substantial savings. For instance, a propane tankless water heater can reduce energy costs by up to 40% compared to an electric one. Additionally, a propane clothes dryer uses less energy and dries laundry 25% faster than electric dryers. By embracing propane, you can have a positive impact on both your energy bills and the environment.

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