The Importance of Professional Heat Pump Installation

Written on: February 13, 2023

AFC offers expert heat pump services

experienced heat pump service augusta, me If you are looking to add heat pumps to your home, you are making an outstanding investment in energy efficiency and comfort!

However, heat pump installation is not a do-it-yourself project. AFC is a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor. We sell, install, and service top-quality Mitsubishi STAR heat pumps. Our licensed service technicians are trained by Mitsubishi so you know that your heat pump will be installed properly according to manufacturer’s instructions and standards.

Safety is a major consideration when it comes to choosing professional installation. Because installing heat pumps involves electrical work as well as working with refrigerant, you can be assured that our professional installation work will be done to meet all codes and to the highest standards for safety.

Proper installation of heat pumps is essential to ensure that they operate at their best possible energy efficiency. Incorrect installation could cost you thousands in unneeded energy costs over the life of your heat pump.

Another reason that professional installation is important is that, unless your heat pump is installed by a professional, the warranty for it will likely be voided. That can cost you a lot of money down the road.

Put knowledge of HVAC service technicians to work for you

There is so much more to heat pump installation than the actual installation. This is where the training and expertise of AFC’s licensed service technicians make the difference.

The first step is to do what is called a Manual J Load Calculation on your home. This calculation involves measurements and tests to determine your exact needs when it comes to adding heat pumps to your home. Factors that enter into the calculation go beyond the square footage of your home. They include:

  • thickness of your insulation
  • number and efficiency of windows
  • whether your living space is above a crawl space, slab foundation, or basement
  • height of ceilings
  • number of people living in the home
  • number of exterior doors and their type (wood, fiberglass, glass sliders, French doors, etc.)

Heat pump installation is not one-size-fits-all. Any installer who does not do a load calculation or says you don’t need it is wrong.

Our service technicians’ training and experience also mean they know how to install the heat pump properly and make sure that it is running as it should before they leave.

What is involved in a heat pump installation?

It depends on whether you are adding heat pumps to your home or replacing existing ones.

If you are replacing your old heat pumps, part of the work involved includes replacing the pad on which they sat. The ground will need to be leveled and a new, composite pad installed.

Heat pumps need to sit higher off the ground than a central air conditioning unit because they need to be kept clear of snow and ice and allow the heat pump to drain properly.

Don’t take a chance with this big investment in your home. Contact AFC for a FREE estimate on your heat pump installation.