Our company began in 1888, the year the U.S. Department of Labor was founded and the time-card clock was invented. And we have been laboring happily around the clock for our customers ever since!


Back then, cutting and harvesting ice was one of the core industries in central Maine, as families tried to keep their perishables fresh longer. So we incorporated ourselves as the “Augusta Ice Company.” As the new century approached, “coal cubes” started replacing wood-burning stoves, so we expanded our market and our name to “Augusta Coal & Ice Company.”

By 1940, “power burners” were growing in use, fed by fuel oil and kerosene, so we added those fuels and changed our name to “Augusta Fuel Company.”

Fast-forward to 1970. Our growth allowed us to buy plumbing companies to expand our services, which caused a name change to “Augusta Fuel & Plumbing Company.”

In 1987 we added air conditioning and refrigeration services, and in 1997 we added propane delivery and equipment.

With environmental issues growing ever more important, in 2003 we added AFC ADVANTAGE premium fuel oil additive, which keeps equipment running at peak efficiency.

And in 2007 we expanded our propane facility to accommodate a 30,000-gallon storage tank.

Throughout all these service and name changes, AFC has done everything we can to offer the best fuel delivery and HVAC services in central Maine. With over 120 years of experience, we’re confident we can be the best home energy contractor for your family, too.