What Jobs Can an Electrician Help Me With?

Written on: June 19, 2023

No job is too big or too small for AFC!

electrical service Winslow, me While there are many do-it-yourself projects people are willing to try around their home, like painting walls or tiling a bathroom floor, most will balk when it comes to doing electrical work themselves.

That’s a wise decision. There are many risks when it comes to attempting electrical work in your home. If you don’t know what you’re doing, your work could violate building codes, meaning you’ll have to spend money on repairs if you sell your home someday and it gets noticed on an inspection. There are also safety risks while you’re doing the work and afterwards, ranging from electrical shocks to fire. By the way, many insurance policies do not cover damages caused by DIY electrical work.

Trust the electricians at AFC to take care of all kinds of electrical service in your home! Our team of master electricians are licensed, insured, and experienced to tackle any job you need done. We handle everything from installing new light fixtures and switches to whole-house wiring.

Whatever the scale of your project, we’ll give you a FREE estimate, and anything we do is backed by the AFC Comfort Guarantee.

Here are some of the ways that we can help enhance your home.

Upgrade wiring and electrical panel

We are using more and more power in our homes, thanks in no small part to the increase in home electronics such as computers, laptops, phone chargers, and gaming systems.

Older homes frequently don’t have enough outlets, so homeowners make do with extension cords, which can be hazardous.

Whether your home is 10 years old or 110 years old, our electricians can make sure that your home has the electrical panel , outlets, and wiring needed to safely operate your appliances, lighting, electronics, and other electrical equipment.

Home renovations

Renovating or making additions to your home generally requires electrical work. AFC’s electricians can do re-wiring, adding outlets and switches, and making sure that your home’s electrical panel can handle any new demand.

Remember, renovations often require local permits, and the work must be inspected. Using AFC’s electricians ensures your electrical work will be done right and passes inspection, saving you time and money.

Add an EV charger

As sales of electric vehicles continue to rise, you may be planning to purchase one the next time you buy a car.

Having an EV charger at home makes sense, but the ones the manufacturers tend to provide with the car can take a long time, up to 16 hours, to charge the battery.

AFC installs Level 2 and 3 EV chargers that get your car fully charged in a fraction of the time! We’ll handle everything: updating your electrical panel, running the wiring, and safe and expert installation.

When you need electrical service for your Central Maine home, the licensed and skilled electricians at AFC are here to help! Get in touch with us for your electrical needs.