Rebates & Financing

AFC helps you manage the cost of upgrading your equipment


Replacing and upgrading your home’s heating, cooling and comfort equipment is not only a way to make your life more comfortable, but is an outstanding investment in your central Maine home. You reap the rewards of energy savings while increasing your home’s value.

But the cost of your investment can be daunting. AFC is here to make it easier, and more affordable!

Financing with NEIF

AFC is an approved contractor with the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF), and works with the NEIF to offer fair, transparent financing through our EnergyPlus loans for energy upgrades in your home.

NEIF financing with AFC is easy. There is no need having to shop around for financing. We help you right at the point of purchase. With multiple options for payments and duration of financing, you can get a plan that fits your budget. NEIF financing is an installment loan, not a credit card, and there is no penalty for paying the loan off early.


Find the likely interest rate for your financing by applying your credit score to the table on this page. Use the calculator here to find out what your monthly payment can be. Get started today!

Save money with rebates

One of the advantages of today’s heating, cooling and comfort equipment is the improved energy efficiency, which can mean big savings on energy costs.

Efficiency Maine rebates are available for qualified furnaces, boilers, heat pumps and water heaters. You can also save on the purchase of energy-efficient equipment with AFC! We’ll help you get any rebates you are eligible for through Efficiency Maine.

For 2024, as part of the Inflation Reduction Act, you can receive substantial federal tax credits for installing ENERGY STAR-certified heating and cooling systems, along with other qualifying energy-efficient home improvements.

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Do you have questions about our rebates and financing options? Contact us today. We’ll be glad to help!