How Much Does a Plumber Cost?

Written on: December 12, 2022

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plumbing tips maine Needing plumbing work in your home, whether it’s to install new fixtures, fix a leaking pipe, or something else, can be a stressful time. One of the biggest stressors is worrying about the cost of the project.

Have you ever had to get a quote from a professional? If so, then you know how frustrating it can be not knowing how much the work should cost. You might even worry that you’re being taken advantage of.
At AFC, we believe in quality work, transparency, and honesty in our service. It’s why we offer a FREE estimate for our work.

In this article, we will go through the different factors that affect the cost of plumbing services that AFC offers to customers in Central Maine. We’ll also provide you with some tips to help keep costs down when you need to hire a plumbing professional.

What impacts plumbing costs?

There are many factors that will affect how much you pay for a plumbing job, even if it’s something simple.

Where you live. While you can easily go online and find national averages for plumbing services, remember that these are only averages. You may pay less here in Central Maine than someone in California would because determines the average rate for plumbing work.

The plumbing work being done. This has a big impact on how much your project will cost. The time it takes to do a project will affect the cost of labor for it. For example, a clogged drain takes less time and labor to fix than a new sink installation.

The materials being used. This factor has a big effect on installations. If you choose higher-end materials, you will pay a higher cost for those.

The urgency of the project. If your water heater needs emergency repairs after hours, you will likely pay more in labor costs than for a scheduled faucet installation.

How many plumbers you need. Work that involves multiple plumbers will be more expensive. But going cheap with unlicensed plumbers is a bad idea. We’ll get more into that in a bit.

Unknown issues. For example, installing new fixtures could lead to discovering problems such as outdated pipes or valves that need to be replaced, or water damage or mold that need to be addressed, can add to the cost of your project.

How can I keep plumbing costs under control?

The variables can have a significant effect on the cost of your plumbing work. So, how do you ensure that the work will be high quality but also affordable? Here are four ways to minimize your financial risk when it comes to plumbing.

Learn about your home’s plumbing. Take some time to get acquainted with the plumbing in your home. Find out where the main shutoff valve is located. Look into how old your pipes are. Learn about your water heater: how old it is, how to maintain it, and how to shut it off. Use this knowledge when discussing your plumbing service needs with a professional.

Get estimates in writing. Plumbing costs can grow in a project. When looking for a plumber, ask for written quotes so you can compare the services included. You can be confident that our estimate will be transparent and fair.

Use a licensed plumber. Going with the cheapest plumber you can find without checking to see if they are licensed and insured is a classic case of being penny-wise and pound-foolish. Your plumbing is a critical system in your home and deserves expert attention and care. At AFC, we have more than 10 master and journeyman plumbers, all of whom are licensed by the State of Maine, trained, experienced, and insured. You can also be assured that we’ll get the job done right because all our plumbing work is backed up by our Comfort Guarantee.

Schedule multiple plumbing jobs for the same day. Are you having a plumber come to fix a clogged drain in your tub? Think about whether there’s other work they could do on this service call. For example, you have a dripping faucet in your kitchen sink. Schedule that service for the same time and you could save money by not having more than one service call!

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