Get Your Heating System Ready for Winter

Written on: September 12, 2022

AFC helps keep your furnace or boiler in tip-top shape!

hvac tune up maineThere’s a lot to do here in Central Maine as fall approaches, from apple picking to football games.

Before you get caught up in all the fun, remember to schedule your heating system’s annual maintenance tune-up with AFC. Now is the optimal time for maintenance of your home’s furnace or boiler. Most people put scheduling their tune-up off until the last minute, so our schedule is more open now. It will be much easier to get an appointment for a day and time that is best for you.

Like all of our equipment work, your furnace or boiler tune-up is covered by our AFC Comfort Guarantee.

Getting your heating system a tune-up is even more important this year, with inflation taking a bigger bite out of your wallet. How can a tune-up benefit you and save you money? Here’s how.

Maximized energy efficiency

If you want your furnace or boiler to be as energy efficient as possible, it is important to keep it well-maintained. This efficiency will cut your heating energy costs by about 10% or more, and since heating makes up around 50% of your home energy expenses in winter, a tune-up can save you a lot of money!

Prevention of breakdowns

Four out of five heating system repairs might have been prevented if the equipment had been professionally maintained on a regular basis. Not only does our heating system tune-up keep your boiler or furnace running smoothly, but it also provides an opportunity for our service technicians to inspect your system more closely. They can identify potential problems and fix them before they can get worse and cause a breakdown and leave you with a bill for repairs.

Extending your heating system’s life expectancy

Heating systems that get routine, professional maintenance tend to last longer than those that do not. You won’t have to replace your furnace or boiler as quickly, so you’ll get a higher return on your investment.

Protection for your warranty

Manufacturers often require that your heating system be serviced by a professional once a year to keep the warranty valid. If you don’t get regular maintenance for your furnace or boiler and it breaks down, you may end up having to pay for big repair costs later if the warranty has been voided.

Another great way to protect your home’s furnace or boiler is with an AFC Comfort Plan. Each one of our Comfort Plans includes an annual tune-up by our licensed and skilled service technicians. And, if you have problems with your heating system, you also will get priority service, free diagnostic work, discounts on some parts, and labor for repairs.

Beat the fall rush and contact AFC today to schedule your heating system tune-up and enroll in an AFC Comfort Plan!