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Heating Oil Pricing in Central Maine

Take control of your heating oil costs with AFC monthly budgeting and price protection plans!

The factors contributing to heating oil prices in our region go far beyond Maine’s borders—or even the United States. They’re tied to the global world energy market, international supply chains, global conflicts and energy speculation. Neither Augusta Fuel Company nor any other local energy supplier can control the root causes of fuel price fluctuations.

Similarly, we want you to know that AFC does not make more money when heating oil prices rise, just as your neighborhood grocery sees no additional profits from a higher milk price. We know our customers are happier when prices are lower, and we are, too.

Our team works tirelessly to secure the best heating oil price from our suppliers, and we offer several pricing and payment programs to keep your monthly payments manageable.

What influences heating oil prices in Augusta?

U.S. heating oil prices are typically driven by the use of fuel oil in homes in the Northeast, which consume about 90% of the heating oil used domestically. When demand peaks during a brutally cold winter, prices often rise. Also, on a local level, operational costs (including overtime) and even competition between heating oil dealers can result in price variation.

As of August 21, 2023, in Central Maine, the heating oil price low was $3.50 per gallon; the high was $4.30 per gallon.*

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AFC makes paying for heating oil stress-free!

With more than 130 years of service in Central Maine, the AFC team has a lot of experience taking care of our valued customers. We appreciate that every homeowner and household is unique. You have different heating oil needs, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure your comfort and safety.

As part of that commitment, we offer several price protection and payment options. With our help, you can choose a fuel payment solution that meets your unique needs. Here is what we offer:

EasyPay: We make paying for your heating oil as easy as receiving it. By and large, oil-powered homes order almost all their fuel in the late fall and winter, concentrating your expenses in a few costly months. But with EasyPay, you don’t need to pay for your heating oil in full on delivery. We’ll spread out your fuel costs over the course of the year. Plus, we’ll give you a discount of 5¢ per gallon!

PreBuy: We don’t need to tell you that heating oil prices can fluctuate throughout the year, but with PreBuy, you have the option to purchase your heating oil ahead of colder months. You’ll lock in your price when prices are typically lower.

EasyCap: This program shields you from price spikes throughout the year. We set an agreed-upon capped price. That is the most you’ll ever pay for your fuel. But if the market price drops below your EasyCap rate, you can pay the lower price!

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*Source: https://www.maine.gov/energy/heating-fuel-prices