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Kerosene Delivery in Central Maine

Dependable fuel delivery for households and mobile homes

When your house or mobile home requires kerosene for heat, cooking and other uses, you might find your options limited for reliable kerosene delivery. This fuel is not as widely used as it once was, but Augusta Fuel Company still provides kerosene to customers in Clinton, Waterville, Belgrade and other Central Maine towns.

If your heating equipment requires kerosene, AFC is here for you with the region’s most trustworthy delivery team.

Kerosene for Homes in Central Maine

Kerosene is a petroleum product derived from crude oil, just like no. 2 heating oil. However, kerosene is a “light” fuel, burning much hotter than heating oil. It also has a lower flash point, meaning it combusts at a lower heat.

Kerosene used to be extremely popular in American homes and on farms, particularly as a lamp oil and cooking fuel but also for heating. In the 20th century, it waned in popularity as heating oil, natural gas and propane became more prevalent, fueling furnaces, water heaters, stoves and other home appliances.

Even so, many people still count on kerosene for heating mobile homes and houses with outdoor fuel tanks. It also has industrial and commercial uses as a lubricant, solvent and fuel for jets and rockets.

Advantages of Kerosene

Today, the primary advantage of kerosene over heating oil is its lower “gel point.”

In sustained freezing weather, heating oil may start to thicken, reducing its ability to flow to your heating equipment and occasionally causing serious damage. Kerosene doesn’t gel, making it ideal for situations where fuel is stored outdoors during Maine’s icy winters.

While you can store your kerosene in the same tank as heating oil, it cannot be burned in standard oil-fired equipment. Kerosene burns much hotter than heating oil and requires special equipment.

AFC is here for your kerosene-heated home

Kerosene customers can count on the same commitment to reliability and professionalism that our team brings to propane and heating oil delivery. If you’re in our service area, we will ensure you receive your kerosene on time. Our drivers are always courteous and treat your property respectfully.

We’re also at your disposal if you need guidance or advice about effective kerosene usage. We’ve been delivering fuel in Central Maine since the Grover Cleveland administration (the first one). We can help you get the most from this robust heat source.

For the most dependable heating fuel provider around, reach out to AFC and become a customer today!