Heating Oil Delivery in Augusta, Winslow and Vassalboro, ME

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heating oil delivery in central maine

A great many of your neighbors here in Central Maine use heating oil for home heating.

There are a lot of benefits that come with heating oil. For starters, it is affordable and gets your home warm faster than any other fuel source.

Also, today’s heating oil is not the same as the heating oil of a few decades ago. Advances in technology have helped it become more clean-burning, efficient and environmentally friendly. In fact, the heating oil industry is on track for its goal to have net zero emissions by the year 2050!

AFC is central Maine’s leader in reliable, safe heating oil delivery. We also deliver kerosene to homes and businesses.

Heating oil delivery you can count on

AFC is a locally owned business that has been serving the area since 1888.

With the knowledge that comes from this experience, we provide quality service like no other heating oil company.

We give our customers:

  • fair, transparent pricing
  • delivery and payment options designed to fit your schedule, needs and budget
  • responsive, courteous service

Say goodbye to heating oil runouts with FREE Automatic Delivery!

AFC customers love our Automatic Delivery service for its ease and convenience. We track your heating oil usage and current weather conditions using a state-of-the-art computer system. With that information, we accurately schedule a heating oil delivery to your home before you run low.

If you prefer more control over your heating oil deliveries, Will-Call is available. With this option, you are responsible for tracking your heating oil usage and contacting us to schedule a delivery.

AFC customers have a full-service heating oil partner

Heating oil is one of the safest ways to keep your home warm and comfortable during the coldest nights of the year. It does not present an explosion risk like some heating fuels. In fact, a lit match dropped into a bucket of heating oil would go out like it was dropped in water.

Even so, you need to check your heating oil tank regularly, especially if it’s older than 15 years. Aging, corroded tanks can leak, resulting in expensive repairs and clean-ups. But AFC will inspect your tank and, if necessary, perform a new heating oil tank installation. We sell top-quality modern products from Roth and Granby. For added security, we offer affordable tank protection plans through TANKSURE.

AFC is a full-service heating oil company, so you can also turn to us for installation, maintenance and repair of oil-fired heating systems.

Heating Oil Delivery FAQs

When should I call AFC for a heating oil delivery?

A good rule of thumb is to contact us when your tank is about 25% full. Even better, you can sign up for FREE automatic delivery and never worry about having to call us again.

What should I do to prepare for a heating oil delivery?

Here are some ways to make your heating oil delivery go smoothly:

  • Ensure your house number is visible to our driver.
  • After a snowfall, shovel a path to your fill pipe.
  • Clear your driveway to a width of at least 10 feet for our trucks.
  • Salt or sand your driveway if it’s on an incline.

Does heating oil spoil?

Heating oil remains stable and usable in storage for about 18 to 24 months, so you shouldn’t need to worry about it “going bad.” We suggest customers fill their oil tanks at the end of the heating season. It gets you ready early for the following winter and minimizes condensation, which can cause tank corrosion.

Are you looking for a heating oil delivery company you can count on? Look no further than AFC. Become a customer today!