Protect Your Heating Oil & Kerosene Prices

Written on: September 6, 2022

AFC can help you control your fuel costs

fuel prices maineIt has been a rough year for our bank accounts, what with the price for groceries, clothing, gas for the car, and other daily essentials going up and up.

That has also been true for the pricing of heating oil and kerosene, thanks to post-COVID economic issues, inflation, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

We don’t know where heating oil and kerosene prices are going to go this season, thanks to the items listed above as well as the volatility in the global fuel markets. That is why we strongly recommend to our customers that they look into our price protection plans and payment options so they can get better control of their heating costs this winter.

Here are the options you have with AFC for pricing and payment for your heating oil and kerosene. Enrollment can be done online or by contacting one of our Comfort Consultants at AFC!


As we said, the per-gallon price for heating oil and kerosene could go up or down this coming heating season. That creates a lot of worry and uncertainty. PreBuy eliminates both.

PreBuy gives you the opportunity to purchase your winter’s supply of heating oil or kerosene now. The global fuel markets and price spikes won’t affect you at all.

You also are free of heating oil bills for the winter, so you can go on and plan your holidays and other winter expenses without worries over heating oil pricing casting a shadow on your plans.


The volatility of the markets and thus heating oil and kerosene prices are stressful for our customers. EasyCap takes a lot of that stress off because the worry over price spikes is gone.

When you enroll in EasyCap, you agree to pay a capped price per gallon for your heating oil or propane. The price you pay per gallon will not exceed the capped price, no matter what happens in the global fuel markets. That gives you peace of mind. But there is another benefit. If market prices go below the capped price on the day your heating oil or kerosene is delivered, you pay that lower price!


Our customers love EasyPay, and with good reason! It gets them off the roller coaster of up-and-down heating oil or kerosene bills. Instead of getting stuck with high bills for three or four months in the winter, when you have other expenses such as the holidays, tax bills, and tuition payments, your heating oil or kerosene costs are spread out over the remaining months in a heating season creating easier, more affordable monthly installments.

Knowing how much you’ll be paying each month for your heating oil or kerosene helps you to better plan and manage your household expenses.

There is another benefit of enrolling in EasyPay. You get a discount of 5 cents per gallon from the market price on the day of your delivery! That can add up to some nice savings, especially since this winter is supposed to be colder than normal.

Contact AFC to learn more about our pricing and payment options for your heating oil and kerosene costs!