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Should You Keep Your Fuel Oil Tank Full?

Written on: May 10, 2021

Protect Your Heating Oil Tank Over The Summer

heating oil tanks maineMost of us are now looking forward to warmer weather and all the fun that comes with it. But don’t forget to have your heating oil tank filled before then.

There are two very good reasons to keep your tank at least half-full during the warmer months.

One reason is condensation, which forms in the empty space in your heating oil tank. The hot days and cool nights of this time of year allow condensation buildup to accelerate inside your tank. Aboveground tanks that are outdoors and in an unshaded area are most vulnerable to condensation.

Condensation occurs when water forms on the bare walls on the empty part of your heating oil tank. Water is denser than heating oil. The condensation will eventually drip down and sink to the bottom of the tank, where it creates the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. Those eventually become sediment that can create multiple problems with your heating oil tank.

Sediment can create sludge, which can enter your fuel lines and clog them up, causing your heating system to shut down. Sediment may also lead to corrosion of your heating oil tank from the inside out. That corrosion can lead to tank failure. You then have the expenses of cleaning up the spilled oil and replacing your heating oil tank.

You’re Ready Whenever You Need Heat

If you have lived in central Maine for any length of time, you know that cold snaps can happen early in the fall. When you fill your heating oil tank now, you are ready no matter when that happens, without having to worry if your tank has enough heating oil leftover from last winter to get you through that cold snap, or that you may have to schedule an emergency delivery.

By filling your heating oil tank now, you won’t have to try and beat the rush in the fall.

This is also the time to enroll in our worry-free Automatic Delivery. We track your heating oil usage and schedule a delivery to your home before you run.

Make sure your heating oil tank is safe and ready for the next heating season. Contact AFC today to schedule a heating oil delivery.