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Don’t Let Your Heating Oil Tank Run Dry

Written on: September 8, 2021

Fill It Before Summer Ends

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Fall is such a wonderful time here in Central Maine. We have spectacular fall foliage all around us. There are corn mazes, hayrides, and trick-or-treating to look forward to. And we get to enjoy pumpkin pie and caramel apples.

But before we dive straight into sweater season, there’s something you need to do before summer ends. Get your propane or heating oil tank filled by AFC.

Be Ready for Cooler Weather

Weather can be capricious here in the fall, and we are susceptible to early cold snaps.

If you don’t have a lot of propane or heating oil in your tank, you may not have enough fuel to keep your home warm for the duration of the cold snap. That necessitates an emergency delivery. If you run out of propane, you also have to pay for having your propane tank pressure tested and all your propane appliance pilots professionally re-lit.

This is also the perfect time to enroll in our Automatic Delivery service. We use your prior heating oil or propane usage and current weather conditions to accurately predict when you’ll need more fuel. We then schedule a delivery so you won’t run low. It’s so easy and convenient!

Protect Your Heating Oil Tank

Empty space in a heating oil tank is dangerous for your tank. That empty space allows condensation, the enemy of heating oil tanks, to develop.

Condensation occurs when water forms on the exposed walls inside your heating oil tank. Water is denser than heating oil. The condensation will trickle down and settle at the bottom of the tank, providing an ideal environment for bacteria and other microorganisms to develop. The sediment that comes from that can cause a variety of problems.

Sludge can get into your fuel line and cause your heating system to quit working. Sediment accumulation can also cause corrosion on the inside of your heating oil tank. Corrosion can cause your heating oil tank to fail, resulting in a costly clean-up and replacement.

Warm temperatures promote condensation to build up swiftly on the interior of heating oil tanks. If your heating oil tank is located outside in an exposed position, it is far more susceptible to condensation.

A full tank gives no space for condensation to form, helping your heating oil tank to last longer.

Be ready for the first cold snap. Contact us today to enroll in Automatic Delivery.