Written on: October 13, 2022

Keeping you in the loop about fuel prices

Dear customers,

On October 5th, OPEC announced it was slashing production by two million barrels daily. Their announcement last week did not go unheard, and the markets reacted. The cost of heating oil increased by over 70 cents per gallon. This news may not only affect heating oil. Natural gas, electricity, gasoline, and propane are also expected to increase.

Although fuel prices are changing fast and are currently in an upward direction, they can turn around just as quickly. We saw prices spike in spring only to drop by more than a dollar over the summer. There are simply too many variables to know where things will go moving forward. We’ll keep you informed if and when they do.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. We, too, hate high fuel prices and volatility as much as you do. It hurts not only our customers but our company and makes planning exceedingly challenging.
  2. Enroll or remain on automatic delivery. Being a Will Call customer may seem like a simple solution. It is not. We know from experience that most customers do not pay close attention to their fuel supply and order when they are either low on fuel or, even worse, run out, potentially resulting in added delivery charges. It makes scheduling deliveries challenging and causes routing our fleet to be inefficient. Automatic delivery is the BEST solution.
  3. AFC’s automatic delivery customers have priority delivery service. This simply means that while you are on this free service, if you are due for delivery, you will receive your delivery before Will Call customers. Again, if you are not on automatic delivery, we highly encourage you to do so.
  4. Do not be surprised by larger energy bills than in past years. If you want to know how much heating fuel you used last year to project this year’s bills more accurately, call us or visit your online account.

If you are having trouble paying your bill, please contact us. Many times, AFC’s professional team can work with you to provide you with more time to pay, especially if you’ve been a long-term customer. If you are not currently enrolled in our EasyPay Budget Plan, we highly recommend that now may be a great time to consider doing so.

It will make budgeting your heating expenses more affordable.

The AFC Team