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Generator Installation in Augusta, Winslow and Randolph, ME

AFC helps keep your home safe and comfortable when the power goes out

generator installation in central maine

Power outages happen here in central Maine for a lot of reasons. Thunderstorms, nor’easters in the winter, accidents, and failures in the electrical grid.

These types of outages can last for days, especially if your home or business is in a more remote area. But you can protect your property and your loved ones with a backup generator installed by AFC!

AFC is your one-stop shop for generators. We sell and install standby generators manufactured by top makers including General, Briggs & Stratton, Siemens and Koehler.

Our equipment professionals will thoroughly go over with you what you need from a generator, whether it’s for your home or your business. We’ll discuss factors like the size of your home or commercial space, and what you need a generator for. With that information, we’ll help you choose the right one for your needs and your budget.

When it comes to installation, we handle it all. Our service technicians are licensed and experienced to install both your new generator and a propane tank for it. We also have licensed master electricians in-house who will connect your generator to your home’s or business’s electrical supply.

You can trust our work because your generator installation is backed up by the AFC Comfort Guarantee.


Why install a whole-house generator?

Here are five ways a whole-house generator helps you get through a power outage in your home:

  • It protects your family. If someone in your home needs electricity for medical equipment, such as an electric wheelchair, their safety is threatened in a power outage. A whole-house generator keeps that critical equipment running. It also keeps your home security system on.
  • It protects your property. If you have a sump pump, it won’t run in a power outage. This can lead to thousands of dollars in flood damage to your basement, along with the loss of cherished items like photos and Christmas decorations that may be stored down there. Keep your basement dry with a whole-house generator.
  • It protects your comfort. A whole-house generator keeps HVAC equipment running.
  • It protects your food. Some foods in your fridge or freezer can become unsafe to eat after less than a day of no power. With a whole-house generator, your food stays safe and you won’t have to throw out hundreds of dollars in food.
  • It protects your connections. With a propane whole-house backup generator, you can work remotely, keep in touch with the outside world, and keep the kids’ electronics charged so no one is whining, “I’m bored!”

Why does my business need a standby generator?

A standby generator protects your commercial property similar to the ways it does your home, so you can keep your business operating in a power outage. But it also provides further critical protections. If you use computers and other technology, you need electricity not only to run that equipment, but to power the HVAC so that it stays at a safe temperature and doesn’t overheat.

If your new generator is powered by propane, you can count on AFC for reliable, safe propane delivery.

Have questions about our commercial generator services? Click here to find out all that we can do for your business!

How Does a Whole-House Generator Work?

A whole house generator is a permanent fixture connected to your home’s electrical system with its own fuel source. Basically, it looks like a central air conditioning unit with a cap on it.

The generator is designed to start automatically when you lose power from your utility –usually between 10-30 seconds after an outage. When utility power is restored, the generator will shut itself down. All of this happens whether or not you’re at home.

Since whole house generators need to be connected to both your home electric supply and a fuel source, you’ll need certified professional technicians to make sure the job is done safely – and done right.

generator installation in augusta

Why Is a Whole-House Generator Better than a Portable Generator?

While a whole house generator is more expensive than a portable generator, it offers distinct advantages, such as:

  • The fuel source for a whole house generator is propane, which means no more storing gasoline for a portable generator.
  • Since a whole house generator is permanently wired to your home, there’s no need for set up time or running countless extension cords.
  • A whole house generator is fully automatic, so it starts and powers your house within seconds after an outage – even when you aren’t home.
  • A whole house generator is fully enclosed, with a noise level of 62-67 dBA (a little louder than conversation in a restaurant) while a portable generator’s noise level can be as high as 80 dBA (about the volume of a garbage disposal).

What Size Generator Do I Need?

The size of a whole house generator depends on what you intend to operate during an outage. Electrical appliances in your home tend to fall into two categories:

  • Your “power essentials,” which include things like your lights, garage door opener, fridge/freezer, sump and well pumps, your furnace fan, security system, TV/computers, microwave, and washing machine.
  • Your high-wattage items, including your air conditioner, electric dryer, heat pump, hot tub, water heater, oven, geothermal system, and well pump.

Generators range quite a bit in size – and price – depending on which and how many of each category of appliances above you want or need to operate when the power is out. A small, 5 kilowatt (kW) unit, for example, can operate power essentials such as lights, a refrigerator, a television and other small appliances.

A large, 25 kW generator on the other hand, can easily run high-wattage heat or air conditioning units while still being able to turn on lights and appliances. Depending on what other high wattage appliances are being run, a 25k generator may only be able to power one AC/Heat Pump unit so it is best to consider what you want your generator to accomplish. When it comes to whole house generators, it’s critical to identify your specific comfort needs up front.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the benefits of a standby generator for your home or business!