The Benefits of EasyPay in a Volatile Market

Written on: May 9, 2022

AFC helps make managing your fuel costs easier

fuel payment options maineThis is a very stressful time when it comes to energy costs, and we are concerned about how worrying this is for many of our customers.

High fuel prices are why we established our AFC EasyPay Price Protection Plan years ago. With EasyPay, we divide your heating oil and propane costs equally over the number of months remaining in the heating season, making your heating expense more manageable.

Another advantage of EasyPay is that there isn’t an additional fee to participate. It’s FREE!

How does EasyPay work?

The calculation of your monthly payment begins with a review of your past fuel usage. Next, we multiply your annual fuel usage by this year’s EasyPay estimated projected price per gallon.  Finally, this figure is then divided by the number of months remaining in the season, resulting in a low, monthly payment.
If fuel prices fluctuate significantly higher or lower than the EasyPay estimated plan price per gallon, we may adjust your monthly payment accordingly.

Many AFC consumers have recently enrolled in our EasyPay program because they concur it will be an effective way in making their heating expense more affordable.

Signing up for EasyPay does not increase your annual usage and does not affect your delivery schedule.

The greatest advantage of EasyPay is that your heating costs are forecasted and manageable in a time when fuel prices can vary considerably. Even if you receive two deliveries in a month, you only pay one monthly payment. You won’t need to worry about large heating bills at a time when you have other expenses like holidays or tuition.

Feel Comfortable with Us!

We provide the most competitive pricing we can without sacrificing dependability or safety while delivering your propane and heating oil.

Many of you have been with us for a long time. It’s discouraging to charge high fuel prices.
Unfortunately, the price is set by market trading and restrict our options considerably. You can depend on us to try all feasible means to help you during this difficult period.

We appreciate your confidence in us, and we promise to do everything we can to care for your family, regardless of how the price of heating oil or propane fluctuates. If you are having difficulty with your AFC payments, please contact us before you fall behind so we can work with you to find a solution that works for you.