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EasyPay and EasyCap: A Perfect Pair!

Written on: June 6, 2022

Take control of your fuel costs

fuel costs maineFor more than 130 years, AFC has been dedicated to taking care of our customers. That includes always looking for ways to make managing your fuel costs easier.

To help with that, we offer our EasyPay and EasyCap plans, giving you stability in your monthly payments and fuel pricing.

Advantages of EasyPay

When you sign up for EasyPay, it will help you manage your household expenses because you know how much your heating fuel payment will be each month. We multiply your average annual fuel use by this year’s projected price and that figure is then divided into even monthly payments. 

You could save more than 50% on your winter fuel payments! There are no more worries about a hefty heating fuel bill at a time when you have other costs like the holidays, taxes, or tuition payments.

Your heating fuel usage is not affected by EasyPay. You don’t use more fuel than usual or get more frequent deliveries.

The most important advantage is that your costs are more predictable and manageable when fuel prices change rapidly. You just pay one monthly bill even if you get two deliveries in a month when it’s extremely cold. We’ll make any necessary adjustments throughout the winter if, after our calculation, your actual monthly expenditures are a little higher or lower than we anticipated.

Advantages of EasyCap

As we have seen throughout the previous several months, fuel prices can change rapidly. And those adjustments might cause a lot of trouble with your fuel expenses.

You agree to pay a set price per gallon for your heating fuel when you sign up for EasyCap. The price you pay per gallon, regardless of what happens in the global marketplaces, will not go any higher than the capped price. However, if fuel prices go down, so will your price! *CAP fees and restrictions may apply.

EasyCap enrollment is in the spring and summer, when heating fuel costs are typically lower than during the winter. This helps you save more money on your energy bills!

If you were previously enrolled in our EasyCap plan last year…Great News! You will be invited to enroll again this year. Unfortunately, due to high demand, we will not be offering the ability to CAP* the plan price to those new to the program.

*CAP fees and restrictions may apply.

Contact us if you have any questions about or want to enroll in EasyPay and EasyCap.