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Commercial Plumbing Service For Your Business

Written on: July 21, 2021

AFC Takes Care of Your Business

plumber for business maineAt AFC, we are proud of our plumbing services. We have more than 10 master and journeyman plumbers, and all of them are licensed.

We take care of homes and businesses all over central Maine. Today, we’re focusing on the commercial plumbing services we provide for businesses large and small.

How Is Commercial Plumbing Different Than Residential Plumbing?

The first difference between the two is size. The plumbing system for even a small building is usually far more complex and larger than the basic house. This is because commercial spaces often have hundreds of people using sinks, toilets, drinking fountains, showers, or other plumbing on a daily basis.
Residential plumbing only needs to serve one household.

There are also many more components to commercial plumbing, such as multiple water heaters and boilers, and sprinkler systems.

Multistory commercial buildings also make commercial plumbing more complex. Most homes have between one and three stories where there is plumbing. Commercial buildings have plumbing fixtures on every floor that need to be taken care of, and plumbers take this into consideration when they are performing routine maintenance or checking the building. This is especially important because gravity has an effect on different floors in a commercial building – for instance, poor water pressure upstairs can affect pipes downstairs.

Inspections of commercial plumbing systems are more frequent, as commercial property owners want to be proactive when it comes to plumbing so as to not risk property damage or lost time because of a plumbing problem.

What Can AFC Provide for Commercial Plumbing Services?

Our commercial plumbers have the knowledge and experience to work with complex commercial systems, and the tools that go with it such as tile saws, generators, industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaners, and our Aquajetter high-pressure drain cleaning system.

We can handle the installation of commercial plumbing and fixtures, as well as all maintenance and repair work. All of our work is done to meet local codes.

Contact AFC to learn more about our commercial plumbing services.