How To Choose a Heating Oil Company

Written on: March 4, 2024

You can count on AFC!

heating oil delivery Augusta, ME Keeping your home warm and cozy can hinge on the decisions you make about your heating oil provider. With numerous companies out there vying for your attention, homeowners are faced with the challenge of choosing a supplier that won’t leave them out in the cold.

AFC has been proudly serving the Greater Augusta, ME, region with dependable fuel delivery for more than 130 years. Our Automatic Delivery service gives you convenience and peace of mind. We also provide expert oil-fired heating equipment installation and service, all backed up by the AFC Comfort Guarantee.

Let’s go through the essential factors you need to consider to select a reliable heating oil company that meets your needs.

Researching heating oil companies

Begin your quest by casting a wide net—search online and take advantage of review platforms to gauge past customers’ experiences. Positive reviews are a solid indicator of reliability but do consider the proper context and look out for consistent patterns in feedback.

Don’t shy away from asking neighbors or local community members for recommendations. They can often provide the best insights into the service level of companies in your area.

Additionally, check the companies’ certifications and credentials. This not only reassures you that they meet industry standards but also speaks volumes about their commitment to quality service.

Comparing pricing and payment options

Understanding different pricing structures can be complex. Some companies offer fixed-rate plans while others have variable rates based on market trends.
AFC offers our EasyPay budget plan, Price Cap, and PreBuy.

Weigh the pros and cons to determine which pricing structure aligns with your financial planning.

Evaluate payment plans and options. Monthly budget plans can help avoid the sticker shock of quarterly bills and make your heating costs predictable, whereas some companies may offer discounts for lump-sum payments.

Consider the budget and potential long-term savings when signing contracts. Sometimes the cheapest option upfront doesn’t add up to savings down the line if the service is unreliable or inefficient.

Assessing service and support

The speed at which a company responds to emergencies is critical, particularly during peak winter times. Make sure they have a reputation for quick and effective responsiveness.

AFC offers our customers 24-7 no-heat emergency heating oil delivery and equipment service.

Maintenance and repair services are equally critical. Turn to a company that offers comprehensive support, ensuring your heating system is in good shape year-round. AFC’s team of service technicians is licensed, trained, and experienced.

Customer service should be a deal-breaker. Courteous, clear, and helpful communication from your chosen company can make a world of difference, especially in stressful situations.

Evaluating delivery options

When it comes to fuel delivery, frequency, flexibility, and reliability are key components. Understand the delivery schedule options and choose between automatic deliveries for peace of mind or will-call services if you prefer to monitor your own oil levels and schedule deliveries yourself.

The company’s willingness to accommodate your schedule and their track record for punctuality plays a huge role in how well they can meet your needs.

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