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The Benefits of Propane Home Heating

Written on: November 6, 2023

Enjoy comfort and efficiency with propane delivery and heating system service from AFC!

home heating winslow, me Despite the widespread promotion and adoption of electric home heating systems, particularly in Maine, due to the misconception that they are environmentally friendly compared to propane, these systems pose significant challenges. Not only do they struggle to provide efficient heat, but their purported environmental benefits are questionable as well.

According to the Department of Energy, propane home heating has become increasingly cost-effective compared to electricity in recent years. Many of your neighbors are reaping the benefits of using propane to heat their homes thanks to reliable propane delivery and propane-fired boiler and furnace installation and service from AFC!

What propane furnaces offer

A propane furnace offers the advantage of heating air to higher temperatures (ranging from 130° to 140° Fahrenheit) compared to an electric heating system (typically limited to only 98.6°). As a result, you’ll notice a significant difference in the quality of warmth experienced!

During extremely cold weather, electric heaters face the challenge of maintaining optimal comfort due to the scarcity of heat energy available outside.

Electric space heaters, frequently required alongside electric heating systems, can incur significant operating costs. Similarly, relying on backup electric strips can be expensive and may lead to a burnt odor caused by the buildup of dust and residue.

Electricity, unfortunately, falls short of being a truly clean energy source. It bears the weight of being the second-largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Shockingly, a whopping 63% of our electricity is derived from the combustion of fossil fuels, with coal and natural gas taking the lead.

Why choose propane?

Opting for propane as an energy source for home heating provides numerous advantages compared to other alternatives. Let’s explore some of these benefits.

  • Propane-powered equipment surpasses its counterparts in fuel efficiency and performance.
  • Propane, acknowledged by the U.S. Government as an alternative fuel, not only promotes environmental friendliness but also presents a sustainable energy solution.
  • Propane heating systems are known for their low maintenance requirements and extended lifespan, surpassing that of other heating systems.
  • Propane is not only safe and non-toxic, but it also eliminates the risk of polluting groundwater or soil in case of a leak. This exceptional quality enables the secure burial of propane tanks, maintaining environmental safety while keeping them concealed from view.
  • Propane is not only used for home heating but also serves as a versatile power source for a wide range of appliances. From ranges and dishwashers to laundry machines, fireplaces, and water heaters, propane provides reliable energy for all your household needs. Moreover, with a propane whole-house backup generator, you can ensure uninterrupted power supply to your home, even during electricity outages. Embrace the versatility and dependability of propane for a more efficient and reliable home energy solution.
  • Propane can be conveniently and securely transported in its compressed liquid form.
  • When you purchase propane, you’re not just acquiring an outstanding energy source for your home or business. You’re also playing a vital role in America’s journey towards energy independence. The majority of our propane supply is produced right here in the USA. By choosing propane, you are making a conscious decision to support our nation’s self-sufficiency while embracing a sustainable and efficient fuel option for your needs.

With dependable propane delivery and service from AFC, you can keep your Central Maine home warm and comfy! Become a customer today.