August Fuel Company vs. Heating Oil Discounters

Written on: January 20, 2021

Discover the differences!

heating oilYou may see in your mailbox or online an ad for a heating-oil discounter, also called a C.O.D. heating-oil company.

And you may be intrigued by the super-low heating-oil prices they tout. That’s how they lure customers in.

But once they’ve hooked you, you’ll discover that you want more than just cheap prices for heating-oil delivery. You want reliability and service, like the kind you get with Augusta Fuel Company!

Here’s what makes us the better choice than those discounters.


There’s a reason these discounters can offer their bargain-basement prices for heating oil. It’s because they are a bare-bones operation, sometimes with only one or two people in the company.

Do you think you’ll get prompt, responsive service from them?

Compare that with the team of trained, experienced professionals at Augusta Fuels. You can contact us anytime by phone or online. Our delivery drivers are trained and experienced. You can use this website to manage your account and request a heating-oil delivery. Discounters? You’re lucky if they have a website at all!

We also offer options for managing your heating-oil costs. When you go with a discounter, the only option is paying up front upon delivery. But Augusta Fuel Company lets you take control of your heating-oil delivery and costs with services like Automatic Delivery and pricing and payment options like Pre-Buy, EasyPay, and EasyCap.


This is where Augusta Fuel Company leaves those discounters in the dust.

We have more than 130 years of experience in providing fuel services to homes and businesses here in greater Augusta. And with that experience, we know how to make sure we always have heating oil and can get it to you promptly and reliably.

Unfortunately, discounters tend to be fly-by-night operations. You can’t be sure if they’ll be there when you need a heating-oil delivery ahead of a cold snap.

But you can be sure with Augusta Fuel Company. We always maintain a generous supply of heating oil, stored at our safe, well-maintained storage facilities.

And our heating oil is top quality. What kind of heating oil will you get from a discounter? You can’t be sure.

Want great heating-oil delivery and service at a competitive, transparent price? Become a customer today!